Passionate about community, food, travel and storytelling. 


I'm a city girl with agricultural roots. Raised in the Bay Area to Mexican-American parents who grew up in farming communities.

I have memories of planting vegetables year-round with my grandparents. Reaping harvests of seasonal vegetables while talking about “life en el campo.” Picking lemons off fruit trees and scaring away squirrels who feast on our ripe avocados.

I now look back to those days with my grandmother in the garden and am thankful. It was under the California sun my family planted seeds of love, community, and intentional living.

“Organic, farm-to-table” food has never been a trend but a way of life.

I’m a typical Russo-American girl who grew up appreciating the mountains, ocean and fresh produce of Northern California. Currently, I call Brooklyn home and work as an advertising copywriter in Manhattan.

I moved to the US in 1995 from Odessa, Ukraine. it’s a city famous for its humor, architectural beauty and Mediterranean-influenced culture. Called the “Pearl by the Sea” by locals it’s perched on the Black Sea coast.

It’s an area that celebrates its diverse roots, which is reflected in the food. There’s the fragrant fruit from Georgia (the country, not the state), Uzbek rice pilaf, hearty Russian and Ukrainian dishes, and of course fresh sea food.
I grew up eating fish that many times, my mother would have to whack in the head (sorry vegetarians) to make sure it was really dead before throwing it in the pan.