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As I reflect on the work produced on my passion projects, or lack thereof in the last two years the only thing I can say is. Fear is crippling, it is easier to do nothing than to do something. However, doing something is necessary to getting anywhere. There was a Netflix commercial that aired on the radio a while ago and every time it aired I thought to myself… ‘Is this real?’. The premise was encouraging Netflix customers to stream video content instead of spending their time in the world to creating, learning, or exploring… let other people do that stuff…

Unintentionally I became one of those zombie consumers who Netflix blatantly promoted to. I sat at home as a consumer of content vs a creator. All because I let myself believe that other people were doing a better job. I was intimidated and scared.

My dear friend Aleksandra and I started this blog in 2015 and with her amazing writing we got some content up. But when I approached the blog space and had that white screen staring back at me I made up excuses…I’m scared, tired, busy… I watched other people show up to do the work that led them to create what I had dreamed of creating. I made myself believe that I had lost my chance to create something beautiful.

But today I’m pushing through the thoughts. I am showing up to this scary white piece of paper, because I really believe that the content that will be produced this year is too good to let sit in my mind or on a hard drive.

Will you join me? It might be rough at first but stick with me. It will get better, I promise and the interviews, recipes and stories will be worth it.

I hope that Ritual Eats inspires you to create, cook, cultivate community wherever you are and most of all I hope that reading this blog and following us on social media inspires you to go live and experience the world and all of its beauty.